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Coilz “R” Us Yaki Straight Clip Ins were created with you in mind and are made of 100% virgin human hair. Our Yaki Straight texture was designed for our queens with gorgeous fine permed or relaxed hair. It will maximize your length and volume within minutes.

  • Natural black color
  • Hair Weighs 100g per pack
  • 7 pieces per pack
  • No harmful chemicals, silicones or glycerin used
  • Can last 6-12months with proper care and maintenance
  • Can be washed, cut, dyed, twisted, braided out or bantu knotted
  • Recommended Quantity

          1 pack for adding extra volume and fierceness to       your crown

          2 packs for 100 % coverage

  •  Lengths longer than 20 inch may require 3 packs



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  • Yaki Straight Clip Ins
    Yaki Straight Clip Ins
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